Aerial Lifts - Choosing the Right Lift Equipment Rental

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

When it comes to aerial lifts, having the right equipment can often mean the difference between an operator working dangerously or safely. When operators are forced to work with the wrong type of lift equipment, they are often tempted to find solutions; which may compromise safety.


Instead of selecting equipment based on guesses, previous rentals, or simply on what’s available at convenience, make sure to understand what factors need to be considered before selecting an aerial lift to rent in Sanford, FL.


Spec the Work Site


There are many models of aerial lifts, which confirms that no one machine will work for every job. For this reason, it is important to “spec” the work site by looking at the application. To select the best Sanford, FL lift equipment rental you want to ensure that it not only has the proper reach for the job but that it can also make it’s way from the delivery truck to the site. Be sure there are the appropriate power sources accessible and that there are no obstacles blocking the equipment’s path. Other factors to consider would be the size, weight of the lift’s load, and how the machine will be used.


Measure and Measure Again


Using tools such as tape measures or ultrasonic distance meters will help you to determine if your lift equipment rental will fit through aisle-ways and doorways to get to your work site. Don’t have anything to measure? Time to get creative. Counting cinder block rows from floor to ceiling can still give you a pretty accurate measurement. A typical cinder block is 8” tall and a mortar joint. Count the rows and multiply by 8” and you’ll get your height.


Another measurement to confirm is up and over reach. The majority of scissor lifts have a 3’ or larger deck extension. This permits the machine to drive up to and lift above the structure, roll the deck extension out, and achieve up and over reach. An articulated boom lift has more than one elevated boom section and refers to pivotal height. This spec tells us at what elevated height an operator can pivot over an obstruction.


Other Variables


Fuel type – Since most batteries are designed to give approximately 4 hours run time, and when fully discharged, the batteries will require 6-8 hours charging time it is best to consider a different fuel type (such as LP) if you have a multi-shift operation.


Floor surface – Slopes or inclines that the aerial lift will be required to ascend or descend will need to be checked with the machine’s gradeability rating. It is also important to consider the floor surface and research if it can support the weight of the lift.


Lift capacities – Aerial lifts rate lift capacities in two ways – weight of persons, tools and materials and the maximum number of persons allowed in the platform. Neither rating should be exceeded so be sure that you get the proper lift equipment rental for the job.


Choosing the right aerial lift can increase the safety and efficiency of a job. Contact High Reach 2 today to learn more about our equipment and available inventory for rent and sale.


High Reach 2 is committed to providing superior equipment, professional service and competitive rates to every customer, contractor, property manager, homeowner or any other business or individual leasing High Reach equipment. High Reach 2 also offers a large inventory of parts for a wide variety of lifts. With locations in Sanford, Tampa, Deerfield Beach and Jacksonville, FL we can help you find the right lift equipment for your job.

Staff 12/31/2014

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