Aerial Lift Equipment: Rentals Vs Owning

Monday, June 22, 2015
If you’re considering purchasing aerial lift equipment, it’s smart to consider both the potential costs and benefits before making your decision to either rent or own.

There are a number of unanticipated costs that you may encounter should you choose to own your equipment. These can include:

Maintenance and Repair

Because you own the equipment, you are solely responsible for all maintenance and repair. Should you choose to rent equipment instead, maintenance and repair is generally handled by the Sanford lift rental company. Aerial lift equipment maintenance can be very pricy in the long term, so it is an important factor to take into consideration.

Transportation and Storage

With large aerial lift equipment comes large storage facilities. You want to thoroughly protect your investment, so the facility will need to be large enough to securely accommodate all of your equipment. You will also likely need to hire a subcontractor to transport your equipment from job site to job site.

However, by renting your equipment instead, the rental company will take care of all transportation and storage costs and ensure that you have your equipment on the job site when it needs to be there and take it away when it needs to go.

Compliance Challenges

If you are the sole owner of your equipment, it is your responsibility to keep it up to code and make sure that it complies with ANSI imposed standards. When you rent your equipment, all ANSI-required inspections are taken care of by your rental company. In this aspect, renting saves you a lot of time, money, and frustration.


When you buy a piece of equipment, you are likely stuck with it long term. Renting your equipment gives you the ability to test out aerial lift equipment for weeks or months until you find the piece of equipment that meets your needs.

Depreciation and Related Costs

No matter how well you maintain your equipment, it will lose value over time. As technology progresses and new features are introduced that improve the functionality and versatility of equipment, you run the risk of your equipment becoming obsolete.

Equipment Downtime

In the event that your own equipment breaks down, you are responsible for repairing it. Meanwhile, your crew is sitting idle and you are losing time and money. On the other hand, if you rent your equipment and it breaks down, the Sanford lift rental company will likely send you a replacement, which allows your team to keep working and minimizes lost time.

These are just some of the benefits of renting vs owning your aerial lift equipment. With the help of an equipment rental company, such as High Reach 2, you can figure out the exact equipment you need to get the job done. Contact High Reach 2 today to learn more about our equipment and available inventory for rent and sale.

High Reach 2 is committed to providing superior equipment, professional service and competitive rates to every customer, contractor, property manager, homeowner or any other business or individual leasing High Reach equipment. High Reach 2 also offers a large inventory of parts for a wide variety of lifts. With locations in Sanford, Tampa, Deerfield Beach and Jacksonville, FL, we can help you find the right lift equipment for your job.

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