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Articulating or Telescoping Lift: Which Do You Need?

High Reach 2 has a variety of articulating and telescopic boom lifts for rent or sale, but how do you make the decision of which one you need for your business or project? Difference Between Telescopic and Articulated Boom Lifts The main difference between these two types of aerial lifts is that a telescoping boom lift can only rise up in a straight line while an articulating boom can stretch and bend. A telescoping lift is perfect when working in a clear area, while an articulating lift might b...

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Aerial Lift Equipment: Rentals Vs Owning

If you’re considering purchasing aerial lift equipment, it’s smart to consider both the potential costs and benefits before making your decision to either rent or own. There are a number of unanticipated costs that you may encounter should you choose to own your equipment. These can include : Maintenance and Repair Because you own the equipment, you are solely responsible for all maintenance and repair. Should you choose to rent equipment instead, maintenance and repair is generally ...

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Aerial Lifts - Choosing the Right Lift Equipment Rental

When it comes to aerial lifts, having the right equipment can often mean the difference between an operator working dangerously or safely. When operators are forced to work with the wrong type of lift equipment, they are often tempted to find solutions; which may compromise safety. Instead of selecting equipment based on guesses, previous rentals, or simply on what’s available at convenience, make sure to understand what factors need to be considered before selecting an aerial lift to rent...

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What to do before starting up your lift rental

If you have decided to rent a lift with High Reach, it is important to consider a few safety projects before using your lift rental . Before turning the machine on, consider: Make sure you know the lift – do not operate any truck without the proper training and with authorization to use it. It is also important never to allow someone who is not authorized to use the lift or has no experience with the lift to use it. Check the lift – for many lifts, there is a daily checklist to go ov...

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